Alain Denis

Journey of a (very) spoilt child.

Already at the age of 14 Alain Denis knew he would be a hairdresser. Not a mechanic in the family tradition – No … a HAIRDRESSER: a “clean” trade, he maintained, that would enable him to make the most of “his sense of style and his love of women”. Put in those terms it would indeed have been a pity to sacrifice his talents for the purpose of replacing gaskets!

1983 : Having served among other things as the Hairdressing Ambassador of the L’Oréal brand, Alain Denis opened his first Brussels salon in the Avenue Montald. He may have loved women, but they certainly worshipped him back! For his unique style, for his perception of cut and colour, and above all for his extraordinary talent for listening to and understanding what they were after – two qualities that are forever his absolute priorities.

1988 : A busy year in which the young hairdresser worked with Elvis Pompilio, another emerging talent, as well as with agencies like Mac Cann Erickson and Publicis both as hairdresser AND consultant. He also took his first steps into the world of the feminine press where the magazines Gaël and Femmes d’Aujourd’hui fought over his talent for subliming before and after photoshoots… No shadow of a doubt: everybody says “I love Alain Denis!”.

1995 – 1997 : now established as International Hairdressing Ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, Alain Denis trained and performed throughout Europe.

2004 : Alain Denis took over the legendary hairdressing salon, Maison Roger, purveyor to the Court which created and enhanced the coiffures of our Queens and Princesses, as well as those of a varied clientele of celebrities, politicians, artists, business-women, the ‘switched-on’ young, and more …
This opening up to a wider public was exactly what the artist wanted, fully aware that only with a constantly renewing clientele can one be sure of long-term survival. And it has paid off: with a slight revamping of the logo, Alain Denis created the ready-to-wear department, opening up the service to working women while collaborating with make-up artist Bouzouk (Lancôme) and, of course, deploying all the expertise of the teams he had already trained.

2010 : He renamed the Institut Kérastase of the Royal La Rasante (established a few years earlier) as the Alain Denis Royal La Rasante – a logical follow-up to his ever-broadening brand.

2016 : When you have been watching over the destiny of a great firm like the Maison Roger, you are not entirely it’s owner. Alain injected it with all his energy and all his creativity and then, having given it the best he could, he left it and turned to other challenges.

2017 : Alain Denis Brussels

Today, he devotes himself to other passions, to his own brand, of course, to French Haute Coiffure, but also to his personal likes including sharing, in all modesty, what he has learnt from his experience as an eclectic hairstylist.

Through the training of hairdressers at the L’Oréal Academy as well as in his own “workshops” open to the general public, he has proved to be a partner for women, seeking to make their lives ever more beautiful through workshops he runs on “The Female Figure”, “Curls and Chignons” and others on the drawing board.